Motivation for a New Nation

What is a nation?

A nation is a shared ideology.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a nation as:

"a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory."

Thus, when a sufficiently large enough group of people share the same ideology (or culture) and inhabit some form of territory this constitutes a nation. The concept of a nation often gets conflated with that of a country. A country is geographic in nature, whereas a nation is, among other things, ideological. For example, there are countries such as Spain, Canada, and India which house multiple nations - Catalonia, Quebec, and Tamil Nadu, respectively. Conversely, there are nations such as Palestine and the Kurds that have no country.

What makes Amargi a nation?

For a nation to exist, there must be a shared ideology or culture. The constituents of the Amargi nation possess a shared idealogy: Expand Consciousness, Live Free. They also enjoy a shared culture: as expressed through fashion, music, sporting activities, jargon, spirituality, economic offerings, and lifestyle.

What makes Amargi a new nation?

We've affirmed that for a nation to exist, a shared ideology or culture among a sufficiently large populace is fundamental. Equally critical is the occupation of a specific country or territory.

In this light, Amargi embodies a novel nation model, built upon a blockchain-powered cloud-to-land framework. Essentially, our territory encompasses an n-dimensional space online. This differs significantly from conventional online communities as it capitalizes on the decentralized nature of its underlying blockchain structure, unattached to any external centralized authority or corporation.

Through its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), citizens of the Amargi nation can crowdfund physical land across the globe. These physical properties need not be contiguous, forming what we term a "network archipelago." Should conditions in any part of this network become less than ideal, citizens have the flexibility to exit and relocate elsewhere. This resilience is a key advantage of the cloud-to-land model in nation-building.

At scale, if Amargi secures enough adjacent real estate within a specific country to be acknowledged as a sovereign entity, it gains the status of a "Network State." Yet, it's crucial to note that while this may be an aspiration, the existence of Amargi isn't contingent upon achieving this status.

Amargi's existence stems from a shared culture and ideology occupying an n-dimensional cyberspace, harnessing decentralized technology to facilitate political autonomy and financial collaboration.

Why is a new nation necessary?

After 11 years of living a nomadic lifestyle and traversing over 50 countries, the founder of the Amargi nation began to discern a recurring pattern. In his words:

"There exist these distinctive energetically vibrant zones on our planet that I refer to as vortices - spots like Bali, Minca, Mazunte, Ko Phan An, Gozo, Ibiza, Cusco, Itacare, and Rishikesh, just to cite a few. These locations often coincide with either remarkable natural phenomena infusing them with unique energy or a profound history steeped in transcendent practices. For instance, Mazunte sits at the convergence of three global tectonic plates, while Rishikesh has been a sanctuary for Himalayan Rishis meditating and elevating consciousness for millennia.

These vortices magnetize particular kinds of individuals - Neo-hippies, yogis, mystics, crypto-anarchists, nomads, and more. They dress similarly, adorn themselves with comparable jewelry, and converse in a shared lexicon. They partake in akin activities like yoga asana, meditation, surfing, ecstatic dance, sharing common rituals, extracurricular pursuits, and musical tastes. Economically, these disparate groups mirror each other closely. A snapshot of a café billboard in Rishikesh, a beach lounge in Ko Phan An, and a restaurant in Bali would reveal nearly identical offerings: ecstatic dance, cacao ceremonies, various healing modalities, yoga, breathwork, ice baths, and more.

Traveling through these vortices, I recognized the presence of an existing shared culture and ideology. A decentralized nation already thrives, albeit unaware of itself.

Amargi is a journey toward self-realization on both a national and individual scale."

Therefore, the creation of a new nation is essential for two primary reasons:

  1. To empower an already-existing, culturally aligned yet geographically dispersed nation by furnishing it with a unified ideological, financial, and social framework, propelling its self-realization, prosperity, and expansion.

  2. To facilitate universal access for individuals to embrace the alternative lifestyle embodied by the citizens of the Amargi nation. For instance, simplifying the transition to a nomadic lifestyle as effortlessly as relocating to a new country.

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