Decentralized Economy

Every nation necessitates an economy, and as Amargi is a decentralized nation, its economy naturally embodies this fundamental attribute.

Approved businesses will seamlessly integrate into Amargi's network, gaining access to knowledge resources, economic incentives, and potential customers.

For a business to receive approval, its products and services must align with the Amargi Ideology. The approval process is set to become increasingly decentralized and democratic, primarily facilitated by the Amargi DAO. All approved businesses will be featured in the Business Directory.

Amargi citizens, i.e., holders of a Digital Passport, can reap economic benefits through resource and knowledge sharing that aligns with the overall Amargi Ideology, with a specific focus on the Nomad Lifestyle. At a larger scale, the Digital Passport will facilitate an individual's smooth transition to a nomadic lifestyle by offering essential financial and social infrastructure to embrace freedom. Simply put, Amargi's goal is to simplify the shift to a liberated lifestyle, akin to moving to a new country.

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