Path to Atman

The pursuit of Atman (आत्मन्), a Sanskrit term signifying "soul" or "true self," stands as a cornerstone in Amargi's ideology, essential for both the individual and the nation collectively. Indeed, other elements within Amargi's ideology, such as the Nomad Lifestyle, the Way of the Sword, Yoga, Meditation, and more, can be perceived as pathways converging toward Atman. Hence, the journey to self-realization stands as an overarching ideological theme for the Amargi nation.

Teachings & Learnings

  1. We are destined to experience pure bliss. Eternal, undiluted ecstasy. Our genuine selves reside beyond the realm of pain. In the depths of discomfort, our atman remains concealed, awaiting revelation. Venture into the pain, peer into its abyss of origin, and witness the radiant, blissful being that lies beyond. Pursue that truth relentlessly.

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