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Awaken Your Chakras

A Practical Journey of Self-Discovery

Unlock the hidden potential within you with our Chakra Meditation Course, unlike any other chakra meditation program you’ve encountered before. This is your chakra crash course – gritty, hands-on, and authentic. Dive into the depths of your being and discover the practical knowledge you need to awaken your chakras

“All this so-called esoteric knowledge about chakras, energy field, kundalini, astral bodies, is dangerous as knowledge. As an experience, it is totally different thing.”

Experience the Power of Chakras Firsthand

In our Chakra Meditation Course, you won’t just learn about chakras academically and scientifically; you’ll experience their transformative power firsthand. Experiential knowledge is the true gateway to understanding the reality of chakras and shifting your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Through carefully selected, practical exercises inspired by the Kundalini Tantra tradition of ancient Indian mystics, we guide you on a journey of discovery and evolution through your mind and nervous system, intricately distributed along your spinal column.

Chakras: Real and Powerful

Yes, chakras are real! However, they have been widely misunderstood in Western culture. Let us debunk the misconceptions and reveal the truth. Did you know that chakras are areas of increased nerve density along the spine, not at the front as often portrayed? There is a direct correlation between chakra locations and mainstream science. For instance, the navel chakra (manipura) is located on the spine directly across from the solar plexus, while the renowned third eye chakra (ajna) resides at the mid-brain, resting atop the spinal column at the pineal gland. Through specific meditation techniques we can access these hidden parts of our nervous system for a more complete experience of being.

Did you know that the heart chakra houses 40,000 neurons, according to the HeartMath Institute? Imagine accessing the untapped potential within them. What new insights would you gain? How would it transform your journey through life? While most of us experience our being concentrated in the brain, our nervous system and consciousness are a distributed system centralized along the spine. Relying solely on the brain is limiting, akin to using a professional-grade camera for low-resolution black and white photos. The truth is, each of us possesses incredible “hardware” within, yet it often lies dormant and unused.

This course sets you on a path to awaken your chakras, helping you experience their true nature and unlock the untapped potential of your nervous system. Our perception shapes our reality, and by awakening dormant parts of your nervous system, you can enhance your perception and ultimately improve your lived reality. This is not mere theory; it must be lived which is why our course is focused on practicality and experience.

This course is for anyone with a spine. Yes, if you have a spine, you possess the necessary prerequisites to benefit from this transformative journey. Whether you’re curious about meditation, seeking a more complete sense of being, or eager to learn pranayamas and kriyas from an ancient tradition, this course is designed for you. If you’re skeptical about chakras or the efficacy of meditation, even better – this course is precisely what you need. Direct experience is the antidote to skepticism, and we guide you through the journey of firsthand exploration. If you already have knowledge of chakras and meditation but want to dip your toes in further and get. started on the path to awakening, our compact and practical course is an ideal starting point, igniting your motivation to delve deeper into your practice.

Being on Ozel’s meditative energy helped me go deeper into my practices. He naturally creates an atmosphere that is conducive for deep states of meditation. With his charming and supportive personality, his guidance is based on genuine willingness to help. His unconditional devotion to his spiritual journey is something admiring and truly inspiring

Nela, Mexico

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What You’ll Gain from This Course

  • Comprehensive videos covering the practical significance of each chakra

  • First-hand experience of your chakras with detailed explanations of each chakra-specific meditation techniques

  • Harmonize and align your awakened sensitivities with Chakra Integration techniques

  • Detailed written instructions and visual aids for every technique

  • Join our exclusive Private Community for ongoing support and connection


  • Video Demonstrations of targeted asanas (physical exercises) to optimise the body and mind for chakra meditation

  • Guided Breathwork Session to prepare the nervous system and mind for deeper states of meditation

  • Ayurvedic cooking - video guide on how to prepare traditional khechari, a complete food that complements a deep meditation practice

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